Feb 022018

I really would appreciate if you could do me a quick favor.

It will take all of 30 seconds. I just need you to answer a few questions. Let me first explain why:

I never use choke chains to train dogs.

I stopped using them literally decades ago.

So it is interesting when I meet with a dog owner for a consultation and they tell me:
“I was told you hang dogs by choke collars.”

I hear this a couple times a month from new clients. Yes, (GASP) there are people in the community (competition and rescue groups) who don’t like your friend and hero, The Amazing Dog Training Man.

I know you are picking yourself up off the floor and can’t believe what you just read but it does happen more often than you’d think.

WHY? WHY would anyone make such a disgusting comment about such a lovable, harmless fluffball like me?

I know, it’s unthinkable and many would get angry, mad, depressed, vengeful even…

…but I’m a peaceful man.

And I learned long ago it is much better to channel negative feelings into a positive outcome.

Me and Deepak Chopra.

Much of the anger, negative comments, and lies stem from my dog training style. I am a firm believer there have to be both POSITIVE and NEGATIVE consequences when you train.

In today’s politically charged climate, there is a HUGE PUSH for positive only dog training. I wrote my book, “The Deadly Dog Training Myth” (available on Amazon), to help dog owners understand why positive only is dangerous for the dog.

As I stated earlier, I was thinking of how I could turn this into a positive outcome and came up with an idea but I’d like to hear from you first.

I was thinking of doing a FREE workshop on the different types of collars used for dog training.

There is a large variety of them and this is where dog training goes off the rails. Which one to use? Which one is humane? Is there a collar which will give you the best dog training results?

You have choke, slip, prong, flat, martingale, electronic, there are haltis, gentle leaders and then you have a whole host of harnesses. The freedom harness, easy walk, and so on.

My idea was to put on a workshop explaining how they work and which one is best for you and your dog.

But… before I put any effort into this I want to make sure it is something you would be interested in,

If you could just shoot me off a quick email letting me know:

1. If you think it is a good idea.
2. If you think it is a terrible idea.
3. What you would like to learn at the workshop.
4. Questions you’d like answered.

I appreciate your help with this. If we do the workshop I promise to give you all the details so you can attend. And if you don’t live in the area I’ll record it and put it on YouTube for you.

My email address is eletendre2@gmail.com



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